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Jeff Monner
The National Building Museum
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By far, the National Building Museum is one of the most incredible venues for a special event.  Built in the 1880s, the museum has been home to thousands of events.  Its grand columns rise seventy-five feet from the floor lining the 110'x90' center court whose roof rises as many feet more to the150' apex above the central fountain.  I have been working events in th Museum for 17 years, and have an impecable reputation with the staff.   A property on the National Trust for Historic Places, the museum poses many challanges for rigging, cabling, load in and out, sound, and power, just to name a few.  I have worked with just about every vendor who has been part of a production team, and know those that can deliver the production needs for the venue and respect the history, along with pricing for those needs. I have assembled countless production teams for events over the last few decades, and can perfectly match you needs with providers, and more often than not, pay for my involvement in just that role.
While I work many events in the venue and come highly recommended, the National Buildng Museum does not specifcally endorse me or any other vendor to work in the space.